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Salad: A Healthy Obsession

I'm here to talk to you about salad. It is an odd topic for me - as many of you know I am a prolific carnivore - but I have been talking vegetarianism/veganism with a few friends. (I'm not a dramatic convert but I do like to talk about these things to get some perspective. I even ate at a vege-vegan restaurant this evening. Big shouts to Sophie, Deb and Ellie for the recommendations!)

Anyway, back to it…
My new obsession with salad started at the bar of MoVida in Melbourne. Since tasting their gem lettuce heart with raw garlic, anchovy and olive oil, I have had this about three times a week. Now that the sun has returned to the UK in earnest, salad season is well and truly here. Whether it be with tomatoes - which are growing on me - or drizzled over chicory, this magical Spanish-inspired wonder dressing will keep that holiday feeling even after you get home to the mundanity of daily life.
The Dressing Take a good slug of extra virgin, enough to generously cover the leaves you ha…

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